• Dr. Ghassemi’s speech at the Legal Day event white-logo3-k

    The Legal Day event aims to identify legal challenges for start-ups and provide appropriate solutions. The use of experienced speakers in the field of legal and familiarity with the challenges of startups is a way of distinguishing this event with other events. Since Legal Day is a challenging event, with the help and advice of the activists in this field, the conferences centered on the most important challenges of the day of the business community in the country. At the Read More

  • Launch of the Dadflamingo Commercialization Department photo_2018-03-13_12-41-53

    Following the continuous demands of knowledge-based companies and collections on the development of commercialization services for innovative and technological products, and based on the experience gained by the Dadflamingo portfolio over the past few years in the field of technological business, the Dadflamingo Commercialization Services Department was established.

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